PA-RISC Operating Systems

A broad range of operating systems was available over the years for PA-RISC workstations and servers. They are either Unix or Unix-like, with different designs having both been ported to and developed specifically for PA-RISC, including open source, research and commercial products. Most of the earlier efforts from the 80s and 90s were distributed only to a small, academic circle and not available to the general public. The current open-source projects are available freely together with sources to the general public. (For a detailed timeline of PA-RISC operating systems see the PA-RISC Timeline page.)

Unix: HP-UX is HP’s own Unix version for PA-RISC computers. All PA-RISC computers from HP are supported by different versions of HP-UX.

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Linux: PA-RISC Linux supports different machines from the newer 32 and 64-bit series though proper support is still missing for a lot of systems. Linux does not perform equally well as original HP-UX on PA-RISC systems and hardware support is limited.

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BSI: OpenBSD/hppa supports most 32-bit systems, and some 64-bit systems in 32-bit mode. Newer machines running in full 64-bit mode are not supported (they are planned to be supported in a future OpenBSD/hppa64). NetBSD/hppa (originally NetBSD/hp700) supports most systems and hardware that OpenBSD supports.

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Mach: NeXTSTEP is an operating system based on a Mach microkernel with an Unix userland and a slick GUI, released for PA-RISC in 1994. Support for some 32-bit PA-RISC machines was available in Version 3.3, with limited hardware support.

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Various other and research operating systems were ported to PA-RISC at different places over the time. The ports were mostly development or research projects. Many were developed at the University of Utah and later formed the starting point for PA-RISC ports of other operating systems (OpenBSD, Linux). These ports include HPBSD, Mach-based Unix/BSD systems, Chorus, OSF/1 ports and MkLinux.

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