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OpenPA is an HP PA-RISC and Itanium computer information resource with technical descriptions of workstations, servers, architecture and supported operating systems, online since 1999. This site is independent of and does not represent The Hewlett Packard Company in any way.

Details on processors, chipsets and architecture of the PA-RISC platform are described in the Hardware section; the Computers section describes the majority of PA-RISC and IA64 computer systems between the 1980s and 2000s, with most PA-RISC operating systems detailed under Software.

New OpenPA Print Edition release (2.7)

By Paul Weissmann on 26 July 2020

There is a new OpenPA print edition - the 11th release of the Book of PA-RISC since July 2006. This update includes all changes between the last edition from 2018 and now:

  • HP 9000 and PA-RISC Computers Story article added
  • turned twenty in 2019
  • Many updates to PA-RISC computers articles
  • HP 9000 520 FOCUS article updated
  • HP 9000 743/744 VME article update and extended for VXI boards
  • PA-RISC in US Navy DTC and TAC information added
  • Many revisions and corrections (thanks!)
  • HP Agilent 16600 and 16700 PA-RISC logic analyzers article added

PDF iconDownload the OpenPA Print Version, Edition 2.7 (PDF, 772 KB)

HP Agilent 16600 and 16700 PA-RISC logic analyzers added

By Paul Weissmann on 4 January 2020

The HP Agilent 16600 and 16700 series are logic analyzers with PA-RISC processors sold by HP and Agilent, based on PA-RISC HP 9000 workstation architecture from the mid-1990s. These were the successors to the Agilent 16500 series analyzers and used in engineering and science for measurements, logic analysis, prototyping and verification. All variants are based on the same 16700A or 16700B main logic board built into different chassis’ with the system architecture probably related to the B132L/B160L workstations with some custom I/O hardware and buses.

  • 16600A: Small base system with integrated channel probes.
  • 16700A: Base system in a modular frame, with measurement and emulation slots.
  • 16700B: Updated 16700 base system with faster components.
  • 16701A/16701B: An expansion frame to extend the 16700 series systems.
  • 16702A: Integrated 16700 in a compact case with LCD display.
  • 16702B: Updated 16702 integrated system with faster components.

These 16600 and 16700 were released between 1998 and 2000 by HP then Agilent and ran stock HP-UX with Agilent extension and HP LOGIC.

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Includes all content from the Summer 2020 online version.

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